What support have (or haven’t) our elected representatives shown to residents in opposing the proposed tip?

Based on information available in the public domain, below is a summary of what our elected representatives (at Council, State and Federal levels) have and/or haven’t done to help oppose the proposed rubbish tip at 109A Church St Lidcombe.

If there is information below which is incorrect, please send suggested corrections. If there is information which is missing, please send suggested additions. The contact email address is [email protected]

PersonRepresentsAffiliationExplicitly Opposes(a)Letterboxing(b)Public Meeting 2/7/23(c)Public Meeting 9/7/23(d)Attended Protests(e)Public Meeting 23/7/23(f)Public Meeting 13/8/23(g)
Clr Sabrin FarooquiRegents Park WardLaborYesYes (for approx. 15 minutes)Yes
Clr Kun HuangRegents Park WardLaborYesYesYesYes
Clr Helen HughesRegents Park WardOLCYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
*Clr Glenn ElmoreSouth Granville WardLaborN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Clr Paul GarrardSouth Granville WardOLCYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Clr Mohamad HusseinSouth Granville WardLaborYes
Clr Steve ChristouGranville WardOLCYesYesYes
*Clr Ola HamedGranville WardLaborN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Clr Joseph RahmeGranville WardIndYes
Clr Lisa Lake (Mayor)Wentworthville WardLaborYesYes?Yes
Clr Suman SahaWentworthville WardLaborYes
Clr Michael ZaiterWentworthville WardIndYes
Clr Diane ColmanGreystanes WardLaborYes
Clr Greg CummingsGreystanes WardIndYes
Clr Eddy SarkisGreystanes WardOLCYes
Ms Lynda Voltz MPState Seat of AuburnLabor?Yes
Ms Sally Sitou MPFederal Seat of ReidLabor?YesYesYes

* Clrs Elmore and Hamed are members of the Sydney Central Planning Panel, which is responsible for approving or rejecting the Development Application, and so by law these two councillors are not permitted to participate in any activities related to supporting or opposing the proposed development
(a) based on votes at Council Meetings (see extracts at No Lidcombe Tip – YouTube ) / letterboxing materials / social media / public statements
(b) based on materials received by Lidcombe residents in their letter boxes
(c) at Dooleys Lidcombe: see YouTube Channel video
(d) at Phillips Park, Lidcombe: see YouTube Channel video
(e) at Lidcombe rail station (12-14/7/23) and/or at the proposed site (22/7/23)
(f) at Lidcombe Community Centre, intended audience was Chinese community
(g) at The Renaissance, Lidcombe: see meeting Notes/Observations/Recollections

The authors of this website also make the following observations:
on this matter, which is primarily at the local and state level (and so not within her remit) the federal MP for Reid (Ms Sally Sitou, Labor) has nevertheless made a point of issuing updates to the local community via letterbox drops and Facebook
– in terms of visible advocacy for residents, the state MP for Auburn (Ms Lynda Voltz, Labor) has run almost silent even though (as noted) this is a state matter