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19/6/2024 – Cumberland Council notifies residents of upcoming public meeting (1st July)

email reads:

“Good afternoon,

The purpose of this email is to provide an update on the proposal at 109A Church Street, Lidcombe for the construction of an Organic Waste Transfer Centre at Lidcombe.

Please find attached letter for details of an upcoming public information session being held by Council officers on Monday, 1 July 2024 from 6pm at Lidcombe Community Centre, located at 3 Bridge Street, Lidcombe.

It is important to note that Council has not received a new development application on the proposal at this time.

If you require any further information, please contact Council’s Customer Service team on 8757 9000.

Kind regards,

Sarah on behalf of Daniel Cavallo, Director Environment and Planning.”

5/6/2024 – Cumberland Council motion – “Addressing Resident Concerns”

Discussion at the Council meeting of 5th June 2024 regarding the letters posted from MA Investments & how to support residents:

The wording initially put up by Labor in the Council papers was

That Council –

  1. Send a letter to residents of Lidcombe providing an update on the applicant’s intention regarding the proposed Organic Waste Transfer Station at 109A Church Street, Lidcombe; and
  2. Ensure the update letter is provided in three languages: English, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

CLrs Hughes (OLC) and Garrard (OLC) proposed the following additional points:

  1. Formally inform residents who had already put in objections to the previous DA;
  2. Supports the residents by endorsing and organising a campaign against any proposed waste transfer station;
  3. Holds a public meeting to provide information and articulate the process to the residents.

Point 4 was ruled out of order by Mayor Lake (Labor) under clause 10.6 of the Code of Meeting Practice, as she considered that the implementation of that point may be unlawful given Council’s statutory obligations with respect to the assessment of development applications.

OLC argued as much as possible that this was not unlawful as the applicant had not yet placed a DA. If a DA was placed to Council, Council could then step out of the campaign. It was also identified as not being unlawful, but the Mayor wouldn’t accept that – so item 4 was removed, and OLC point 3 and 5 listed above were accepted. The intent of being ‘any proposed waste transfer station’, was obviously a focus on Lidcombe but could provide to be a bit more ‘widely’ used (only if necessary).

Currently, the outcome is for all (previous) objectors to receive a letter and for a public meeting.

23/5/2024 – Lidcombe residents receive posted letters from MA Investments

Letters addressed “To the landowner/tenant” are received by Lidcombe residents. The sender address listed on the letters is Suite 408 Henry Lawson Building, 19 Roseby Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047

29/2/2024 – Cumberland Council formally notifies of the DA withdrawal

Council sends an email to all who lodged a submission, formally notifying of the DA withdrawal.

28/2/2024 – Planning Panel notifies that the DA Meeting is cancelled

via email to all who lodged submissions: “As the applicant has withdrawn the DA application, the requirement for a public meeting is no longer needed. The details on this application will remain on the public website.”

26/2/2024 – Dept. Env.&Planning emails Cumberland Council – withdrawing the DA

The application was withdrawn for the following reason: The applicant for the proposed development of the organics transfer station at 109a Church Street, Lidcombe has today withdrawn their development application given the recent refusal to further information requests in the review and assessment of development. In light of this, the applicant has withdrawn their application and is committed to revising and resubmitting the development application in the near future.

14/2/2024 – Notice of Public Meeting issued by the Planning Panel

The panel will meet to determine the Development Application – Thursday, 7th March 2024 at 11am. Public Videoconference.

12/2/2024 – Updates from Sydney Central Planning Panel

The Sydney Central Planning Panel has updated the documents available on its online portal. A key document, under the heading “Determination and Statement of Reasons” is ‘Determination and Statement of Reasons – Attachment 1. Draft Reasons for Refusal’

21/11/2023 – Council issues update via email

As anticipated, the email confirms that Council has received updates from the Applicant (see 31/10/23 item below) and that around February 2024 is when a public meeting is likely – here is the document attached to the email from Council:

31/10/2023 – Applicant response to Council – additional information

Cumberland Council issued a RFI (Request for Further Information) on 4th August 2023, the Applicant provided a response on 31st October 2023. The information has been provided as updates to previously-lodged documents as listed below. It is therefore believed that the public meeting to be arranged by the Sydney Central Planning Panel will occur in February 2024 instead of November 2023, to allow time for the updated information to be assessed.

Organics Transfer Station – Environmental Impact Statement (Rev 311023)
Appendix G – 109a Church St, Lidcombe – Odour Management Plan v2
Appendix J – Noise Impact Assessment v2
Appendix Q – Proposed Wheel Wash Specifications
Appendix G – 109a Church St, Lidcombe – Operational Environmental Management
Appendix M – Traffic Impacts Assessment v2
Appendix G – 109a Church St, Lidcombe – Construction Environmental Management
Appendix F – Proposed Site Plans v2
Appendix R – Proposed Landscape Plan
Appendix I – Odour Assessment Report Addendum Letter
Appendix T – Proposed Fire Plan

6/9/2023 – Cumberland Council Meeting

At the Cumberland Council Meeting of 6th September 2023 Councillor Paul Garrard (OLC) introduced a motion to gain explicit statements from each elected Councillor, about their respective positions on the proposed tip. The motion was unanimously passed and a takeout from this meeting is that all elected Councillors say that they oppose the proposed FOGO tip at Lidcombe.

16/8/2023 – Cumberland Council Meeting

At the Cumberland Council Meeting of 16th August 2023 there were three items of note:

Firstly: Mayor Lisa Lake issued a Mayoral Minute:

  1. That Council request the General Manager to:
    a) Undertake a review of Council’s Development Control Plan with respect to the written notification requirements for development applications for designated development, with a view to extending the area for such notification and report back to Council at a future meeting, and
    b) Take steps to arrange for the preparation of a draft submission to the Sydney Central City Planning Panel that can be considered for adoption and formal submission by the elected body of Council that reflects opposition to the application by the elected body on public interest grounds.
  2. That any financial implications associated with the adoption of this Mayoral minute be funded from Councils legal operational budget.

Secondly: OLC Councillor Garrard raised a Matter of Urgency, its origin being the Motion from floor at the public meeting of 13/8/23, seeking to explicitly identify which Councillors support the residents (in opposing the proposed tip). A show of hands by Councillors resulted but no recording of names was made.

Thirdly: OLC Councillor Christou introduced a motion to withdraw support a FOGO trial which was originally discussed at the Council meeting of 18th May 2022. This motion was defeated by the Labor majority who voted against Clr Christou’s motion.

13/8/2023 – Public Meeting at The Renaissance, Lidcombe

A Community meeting was held in Lidcombe by Cumberland Council on Sunday 13 August 2023 2:30pm – 5pm.
Handout notes (English, pdf, 11MB). Notes/Observations/Recollections from the meeting (English, pdf, 174KB)
Attendees included:
Council Staff: General Manager – Peter Fitzgerald, Deputy General Manager – Melissa Attia, Director, Environment and Planning – Daniel Cavallo.
Cumberland Councillors: Helen Hughes, Paul Garrard, Steve Christou, Sabrin Farooqui, Kun Huang, Cumberland Mayor Lisa Lake.
Present in the audience: Hon Ms Sally Sitou (MP for the federal seat of Reid). Absent: Ms Lynda Voltz (MP for the state seat of Auburn).
Also present: Auslan, Mandarin, Korean translators.

A quote from the public meeting, from a resident: “This is life or death with our environment, so I assume that Councillors that are here today are opposed to this. One would like on Wednesday night at the Council meeting, I would like to propose a motion that all the Councillors lay their cards on the table as to whether when the State Government decides on this issue, or are planning to decide on this issue, if the Councillors are going to support the residents, or are going to support the developer. The motion I would like to put to Council would be, that all Councillors are to lay their cards on the table so that we residents know, who’s for us, and who’s against us (audience responded with applause). How are we going to go about having that motion delivered?”
To which Councillors Paul Garrard and Steve Christou responded: “We’ll move it as a matter of urgency” at the next Cumberland Council meeting.

2/8/2023 – Cumberland Council Meeting

Councillor Steve Christou attempted to raise a motion of urgency to withdraw Council’s 18th May 2022 motion of support for a FOGO scheme in Cumberland. Mayor Lisa Lake ruled that the motion be instead debated at the subsequent Council meeting on 16th August 2023

23/7/2023 – Public Meeting at Lidcombe Community Centre

A public meeting (advertised on WeChat) for Chinese-speaking residents of Lidcombe was organised by Councillor Kun Huang (Labor, Regents Park ward). The main focus of the meeting, which was lead by a solicitor who presented the notes below, was the Development Application process (and not discussion of the tip). It was attended by other Cumberland Councillors (Hughes, Garrard and Christou) who were in the audience.

22/7/2023 – Residents protest at 109A Church St Lidcombe

19/7/2023 – Cumberland Council Meeting

A motion was raised by Councillors Helen Hughes (OLC, Regents Park ward) and Paul Garrard (OLC, South Granville ward), for Council to conduct a traffic study (present and projected). One reason for this motion is that the proposed DA2023/0130 would introduce an additional 118 heavy truck movements to Lidcombe roads. Labor Councillors used their numbers to take the discussion into Closed Council, that is, the live webcast and public gallery were closed down.

The motion:

  1. Include a major study of traffic movements within and around the road network within the Lidcombe road network;
  2. Ensure the study covers all ingress and egress routes entering Lidcombe including the town centre and its surrounds;
  3. Accurately determine the existing vehicular movements including trucks,sizing and classification presently utilising Lidcombe road networks and intersection capabilities to handle such vehicles;
  4. Provide projection of future capacity loads on the road network and their capability of handling increased capacity;
  5. Highlight the necessity to maintain road repair and maintenance to the existing road network caused by any anticpated increase in road usage; and
  6. Be funded by Council’s Infrastructure Reserve.
  7. In the process of developing the report, the Council will hold a community meeting within the next 4 weeks on the weekend to better understand the community concerns and traffic issues within the study area.

14/7/2023 – Residents protest at Lidcombe Rail station

12/7/2023 – Residents protest at Lidcombe Rail station

9/7/2023 – Public Meeting at Phillips Park Lidcombe

5/7/2023 – Cumberland Council Meeting

OLC Councillors Helen Hughes and Paul Garrard attempted to raise a matter of urgency – getting details about the present and forecast road traffic in Lidcombe. This was also the motion that was passed in the public meeting of Sunday 2nd July 2023. The attempt was stymied by the Mayor and another Councillor.

2/7/2023 – Public Meeting at Dooleys Lidcombe

A public meeting was organised to discuss the proposed tip.

26/6/2023 – Residents protest at site

2023-06-27 Auburn Review article

21/6/2023 – Cumberland Council Meeting

Councillor Helen Hughes (OLC, Regents Park ward) introduced a notice of motion – heavy vehicle movements in Lidcombe, Councillor Paul Garrard spoke further on the matter but was shut down by Mayor Lisa Lake (according to protocols), as even indirect reference to the DA for the Lidcombe tip was declared to be not permitted, regardless of whether the subject of heavy vehicle movements was relevant.

around 19/6/2023 – letterboxing of Lidcombe residents

Thousands of letters were hand-delivered by concerned residents to the letterboxes of houses and units in the Lidcombe area.

15/6/2023 Sydney Central Planning Panel holds a ‘Kick-Off Briefing’

13/3/2023 Development Application Lodged with Cumberland Council

18/5/2022 – Where it all began?

At the Council meeting of May 18th 2022Councillor Hussein outlined Cumberland Council’s Waste and Resource Strategy, noting that FOGO is a component of “Net Zero” being mandated by the NSW Government. He introduced a motion to have created, a report on how best to implement FOGO by way of a trial program in Cumberland Council